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Olaf Schönborn ENG

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Olaf Schönborn studied Jazz at the University of Mannheim and the Arizona State University (USA). His CD with the band “JazzXchange” was publiced by the legendary label BLUE NOTE RECORDS. Further CD’s were published with his band “Olaf Schönborn’s Q4”, the Fusion Band “Fridge People“, the world-music band „Deng Xiaomei International Ensemble“, the Brasil band „Cocada“ and many more. He recorded 5 CDs with Allen Blairman in different settings and 3 CDs with the  “Rainer Tempel Big Band“. In the year 2000 he founded with Thomas Sifling rhe record label “Rodenstein Records“ which has published more than 60 jazz CDs since.
Performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Leibzig Jazz Festival, the German Jazz Festival Frankfurt, the Jazz Festival Toulon, the Szeged Jazz Festival Hungary and the Edinbourgh Festival Scottland.
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